Sunday, August 7, 2011

Challenge of the day...

Pin It Your challenge today, should you choose to accept -is to read the following blog post without a single smirk, not a solitary chuckle and definately without any all out tear inducing laughter. Let me know how you go...

So, Mr Owl left yesterday morning with Mr Elephant to do some work. They took Mr Owl's car so Mr Elephant reversed his ute ever so nicely into the top of my driveway making sure to leave enough room for me to ever so cleverly maneuver around it.

Mrs Elephant Messaged me with the suggestion of a meet up at the park - nice day, check. Plenty of kids we could easily kill with a spoon if we do not get them out of the house, check! PERFECTOMUNDO!

Pack up some morning tea, get out of my pj's and head out to the car.... Oh thats right! yesterday my number plate fell off and Mr Owl has not fixed it, hmmmm Im a strong independant woman - I can do that!!

Strapped the kids in the car, grabbed the drill and a couple of screws and voila! that number plate ain't going no where!!

Hop in, turn the car on feeling very chuffed at my handwork. Car in reverse, car going backwards, car BANG.

Ahhhhh crap thats right - I was supposed to cleverly maneuver AROUND Mr Elephant's car. oops. Thank goodness for insurance *sigh* Mr Owl and Mr Elephant will NEVER let me live this down...

I have slightly blocked it out BUT - note the number plate didn't fall off!!! Go me!

Thought of the moment:

I laugh because I must not cry, That is all, that is all.

Abraham Lincoln


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