Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Babyccino's and best friends.....

Pin It A day in the life of  "busy" Owl and the Elephant mini me's!!

SMILE! you mean like this?

ohhhh like this!!!


Do we have something on our face?

mmm sugar...

There's something about Mischa in a There's Something About Mary kinda way.......


Quote of the day..... "Best friends wear matching sparkly tops, Mum."

Friday, June 24, 2011

friday night love.....

Pin It On this rainy night in Perth there is nothing better than a cuppa, a couch and a couple of good blogs to read!

Tonight (and every other night!) at The Owl and the Elephant  we are LOVING Table Tonic. From fashion to magazines to recipes to interior design it has it all!

Beautifully written and accompanied by beautiful pictures it is well worth a read. In fact pop on over now and tell Louise we sent you, we know she would love you to visit!

Speaking of beautiful things.... Have you been past our website lately and checked out our stylish yet functional lanyards? they are our newest favourite thing!!!

Thought of the moment:

Rain Rain go away we have Perth Upmarket on Sunday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rocking Chair Reveal!!

Pin It So yesterday we started off with a pink fairy girls rocking chair, today The Owl & the Elephant have transformed it into a super funky, Sock Monkey Rocking Chair!!

Remember the "before" shot:

And here is the finished masterpiece:

 So what do you think? Please don't be shy.....leave a comment!!

Thought of the moment:
"Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere." ~Glenn Turner

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a rockin' rocking chair!

Pin It So our devoted Facebook followers will know that Josie is on holidays at the moment in her hometown of Sydney...and that leaves 'her baby', aka The Blog a little neglected as we all know she is the one who has a 'way with words' and not moi!!

But, I couldn't leave you all waiting for our next post....so here is a little glimpse into our latest project.

A friend of mine kindly donated a little girls rocking chair to me recently, sweet baby pink with delightful fairies on it. Now those of you who know me...or know Miss Elephant, know that fairies "aren't my bag, baby"...so we had to do away with those and give them a little touch of The Owl & the Elephant of course!

Here are some before shots:

So this morning, a fine blustery Perth winter day...made me feel like tackling a project. Now Mr Elephant is on his last day of holidays today, so Mrs Elephant being ever so crafty (in the evil sense of the word!) only had to utter the words "Honey, I 'wonder' if this rocking chair seat would come apart with a screwdriver?". Of course my Mr Fixit jumped at the chance to whip out the tool box and got to work disassembling the chair for me.

The as you can see in this photo below, there was a nasty crack and bulge in the seat area which had to be sanded...a few more words from the Elephant and he was onto that too!

My oldest Elephant, almost 4 just loves Monkeys, and you may have seen this Sock Monkey Light Switch Cover we made for her some time back (available to purchase here), so I thought it would match perfectly to use that fabric on the renovated rocking chair which will sit in her bedroom. So I got to work....here are some 'during' shots...

Now it should be dry some time today, tomorrow I will finish off trimming it all up and then reassemble it and post the 'after' shots!!

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think so far. Also if you are in Perth and have a piece of furniture you would like us to add The Owl & the Elephant touch to, contact us here. We love a challenge! 

There is a sample of our current furniture pieces on our website.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mother of the year award....

Pin It Do you ever have one of those days where you sit back on the couch at night, your legs ache because your just plain exhausted, your throat hurts from maybe yelling one too many times today and the kids are all in bed despite the fact bedtime does not actually hit for another two hours ( thanking your lucky stars they have not yet caught on to the fact mum has been winding the clock forward!!) You think back over your day and realise that today is NOT the day you will be recieving the mother of the year award!! My (Josie's) most recent mother of the year day started with good intentions.

Maximus woke with JUST enough time for me to pack both him and Bella boo into the car and race to the local shops to buy some craft materials for an after school activity - head held high feeling mighty good about what a great mother I am. I left the shops, put our goodies in the boot, buckled Bella in her seat, buckled Max into his, shut the car door - "click" car locks itself. Hmm ok weird - go to grab my keys and unlock the car.........
The keys which are sitting INSIDE the car next to Max!!!

Moment of panic followed by MANY moments of insanity "Bella, sweetheart, see the red button on your seat? Yes that one - press it! no two hands sweetheart! yes thats it - yep REALLLLY hard" tears - not happening, Bella looking at me like I have lost the plot, Max screaming wondering what the hell mum is doing, Bella realising something is going wrong and screaming too!!

I turn helplessly to the man returning to his car beside me - "please will you go get someone - I have locked my kids in the car!!!" to be met with a "Sorry I'm in a hurry" followed by him speeding off!

Next man a little more agreeable, gets security who call RAC and stock up on supplies (water and snacks for the kids for when they get "released"). RAC arrive, kids out of car in two seconds flat, me a sobbing mess blowing big snot bubbles, Max a sobbing mess blowing bg snot bubbles, Bella a sobbing mess blowng big snot bubbles, a kazillon rubber neckers checking out the action. Group hug -  MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing this will NEVER happen again and offering you all the opportunity to NEVER experience my day of sorrow!!! Check these little doo lackys out:

Our latest product! Key fobs/key rings/wristlets AND lanyards!! PERFECTOMUNDO!!!

Need one ASAP? Head to our website and buy away!!

As they say... the proof is in the pudding - look how beautiful my keys look!!! I solemly swear I have NOT locked my kids in the car since!!!!

Thought of the moment:

Don't lock your kids in the car... they don't like it!!!


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