Wednesday, December 21, 2011

spending our hard earned dosh....

Pin It The hardest part by far of working at the markets with so many other amazingly fabulous retailers is trying hard not to spend all our takings! We have also developed quite an addiction to online "browsing" in search of further handmade goodness! The credit card does not thank us but it is however an absolute joy to support Australian handmade.

Here are some of the beautiful items we have not been able to pass up from Perth handcrafting geniuses!.....

We both bought two dolls each from the lovely lovely lady behind Elsie and Jim. They are simply too cute to pass up, she is just lovely and her prices are ridiculous!

The littlest Owls are receiving these gorgeous playhouses from the beautiful Nicola at  Poppy and Bea - check out the photos, they really speak for themselves!!

I (Mrs Owl) can now be seen proudly strutting my stuff with my simply divine Charlotte shopper crafted by the clever Maz at  Tex & Joe  :

This stunning upcycled ring:

is a christmas present crafted by Robin Gage designs and purchased from the lovely ladies at foxes of fancy. They have so many beautiful goodies which are all entirly 100% eco friendly to boot!

Robyn at Focus on Art is the mastermind behind this beautiful elephant gifted to MY beautiful elephant earlier this year:

and another of her amazing pieces is heading to a lucky family member in Sydney for Christmas as we speak!

We are both proud owners of delicious handmade necklaces from Handmade by Elbie - can you really blame us?

ALL The Owl and the Elephant offspring will soon be spending their time madly playing these amazing handmade games crafted by Amber from Mollydagmade

This cute as a button "superhero" dress was custom made for Miss Owl by the wonderful Victoria at Brusselsprouts and is definitely a favourite! As is the matching pirate set modelled by Master two!

What have been some of your favourite handmade purchases? We would love to hear about them!!

Thought of the moment:

When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping.  Men invade another country.  It's a whole different way of thinking.  ~Elayne Boosler

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Santa Clause.....

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We are strong believers in the true meaning behind christmas here in The Owl household ( same goes for the Elephant clan) . The reason for the season and all that jazz. We are also strong believers in the magic of Christmas, Santa stockings, elves that sneak through keyholes, straw that gets scattered on the front lawn and two grown adults who sit on the couch at 10pm Christmas Eve and gnaw on carrots - just like a reindeer would!!! There is something so incredibly magical about the whole season, nothing quiet matches up to those squeals at 5am of "MUUUUMMMM! DAAAADDDD Santa came!!!!" (and his reindeer ate the carrots! Look at the mess they made!!!)

On a recent 'Oh Lord, why did I do this' shopping trip with my 4 children master 8 turned to me with that question I have been dreading since the day he exited the womb (well maybe not THAT long but it sure feels like it!) "Mum, today at school the boys where talking and well, is Santa really real?"


Despite the chaos of the oodles of christmas shoppers and oh too cool high school kids wafting around us everything went silent. Suddenly 4 sets of eyes where all looking at me keenly (admittedly master 2 was just staring and laughing, and poking, and singing) with those "yeah come on mum, you have ALL the answers" kinda looks they give you. Everything went a little fuzzy, I think I felt a tear welling up and I snapped back perhaps a little too quickly with "Of course he is, who else brings all those presents? Its not me - I already think you have too many toys!"
Ok...stop talking now...don't over justify....don't look suspicious "Oh look guys! Icecream!!"

Phew...bullet dodged...or was it... is he onto me? Does he know? Does he now think I'm lying to him?

As Nat will tell you I have this incessent need to poke things with a stick. So as we continued to walk around the shops (and the kids to eat their Quick! Something shiny! icecreams) I poked.
"So do YOU think Santa is real?
What else do the kids say?
What do you think about elves?
Do you remember what Santa brought last year?
What do you think Santa will bring this year?
If it wasn't santa who was it?
What do you think of the current interest rate?"

Then I heard that little voice which at the time kinda sounded alot like my wise ol'elephant slap me upside the head - STOP IT JOSIE!!! If it ain't broke, don't fix it - he will ask again! He will come to you when he wants to know!

So I left it, I came home, unpacked the shopping, I cooked dinner, I bathed children, I read stories, I put children to bed, I chatted to husband, I scoured through 8 years of photos with a block of chocolate a cup of tea and a mountain of tissues.Totally normal right? (Oh and I of course facebook statused my "problem" to get the opinion of the masses - who needs real life when you 've got facebook?)  Then I reminded myself that just because the whole Santa thing may be coming to an end for Master 8, I still have another 3 children who "believe" and it does not mean that he is going to leave home, get married, have a child and forget to call me on Sundays. He is just growing up *sigh*.

And besides... if you don't believe in Santa all you get is a stocking full of socks and undies. Because thats what all sensible 'he has a million-katrillion toys but could always use new socks type of mums' buy, right?

Thought of the moment:

 Don't forget to buy a present for cousin Jack! Or Bruce, or Sophie, or Clare or Ben or or or or ......

Thursday, November 24, 2011

honesty is the best policy

Pin It Children are without a doubt the most honest people in the world. When faced with the everyday questions like "do you like my cooking", "how does my hair look" or "does this outfit make my bum look big" I have learnt NEVER to ask ANY of my children!
"Mum it isnt too bad, I just like it better when Nonna makes it".
"Your hair looks great - I like how it is all fluffy".
"No it doesnt make your bum look big, your bum looked big before you put it on and your tummy is like jelly, I like how it wobbles when you laugh" 

So today we invite you to take a leaf out of their book. We really moustache you a question and welcome your responses with the same childlike honesty we hear from our lovelies everyday.....

 What do you think of our flashy new website?

Please be honest, though our feelings (and our ego's) may be bruised and battered we are ready for it!! What do you think? Easy to use? Nice to look at? Marks out of ten? All that jazz?

Off you go... put on your best critics hat (or moustache what ever takes your fancy) and tell us what you think!

 Thought of the moment:

Beware of the half truth.  You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.  ~Author Unknown

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mama told me there'd be days like this.....

Pin It So you know those days, the one's where you peer out the curtains and it LOOKS nice and sunny and happy and then something happens and you realise that the nice sunny happy day has lured you into a false sense of security and BAM - the day may have gone better if you had just stayed in bed.

Well my day was kinda a eeny teeny bit like that. It got better but boy did it start out super special!

Max the youngest owl is one of those kids that wakes up super happy, and stays super happy as long as you feed him ASAP once he is up, as in get him out of cot, run to kitchen, throw food at him until he bursts and then continue on with the day.

So today I got him out of his cot, ran down to the kitchen, put him in his why did I not know about these 8 years ago IKEA highchair and went about getting his breaky. No milk - ok so what? no cereal today he can have toast. No bread - ahhhhh crap!!!  I was totally not intending to put my bra on nor brush my hair for AT LEAST another 3 hours.

Get the four kids dressed, pack them in the car (which I have had back for only a few weeks after the last "incident") get the milk, bread and other various non-essential items (mind you those choc chip muffins rreeeeaaaallly came in handy later on down the track!) pack the kids back in the car, reverse out, head to exit BANG car is on two wheels, moment of panic, what have I done??? Car back on four wheels, park it again thinking I have hit a parked car again but NO!! IT WASN"T MY FAULT!!!! WOHOOOO!!! (I know, I know, not REALLY a cause to celebrate but if you read back a couple of blog posts you will understand) feling very shaken I hope out of the car and inspect the damage. Having felt like it all morning, I have just - quite literally, been hit by a truck. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse having had to drag four kids out of the house before 8am...IT DID.

At home a strong coffee and a couple *cough* of chocolate muffins later I felt a little better. * sigh* its just a car, we are all ok and its insured. Stuff happens,stressed spelled backwards is desserts and if all else fails... smile!!!

Now to Nat's day..... now lets all be honest here... how many (let alone those of us trying to run an online business) could live without the net nowdays? This is the predicament facing the lovely Mrs Elephant today - no net till Tuesday!!! She was reduced to reading a book!! Looking stuff up the old fashioned way and having to go without Pinterest - cold turkey!!! Its just not right..... It has however made her come up with the newest Owl and the Elephant" clause. We solemly swear, no matter how big we get. We will NEVER send your phonecalls offshore. Ever. So my car may be written off, but no internet? Like none? No Pinterest, no facebook, no online shopping? Nat wins.WHat did we do without the net?

Something that makes our bad days better? The days a little sunnier and our smiles a little bigger? Our new repurposed, shabby chic, bus roll inspired, rustic wooden signs. We hope you love them as much as we do!! head over to our website for full details on owning one of these babies or on requesting a custom design!!

Thought of the moment:

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks.  ~Author Unknown

Monday, October 10, 2011

refurbished man cave rubbish

Pin It So yesterday Mr Owl flew out to a new job. He has always done FIFO but has been at home for a while so today, I found myself home, alone ( well with the kids) without a man sitting on the couch, asking the tough questions like "what's for dinner" and generally getting under my feet (NB: I DO love Mr Owl dearly but you know what they say - abscence makes the heart grow fonder!)

Unsure exactly what I was supposed to do now I had one less child to entertain I busied myself with the housework ( how does one man make so much mess?) played with the kids, got dinner ready and rearranged some furniture. Something was still missing - I could feel it in my bones, this little tingle that I havent felt for oh so long! I felt the urge to be creative!!! So I did what all handcrafters with time on their hands do... I hit Pinterest!!!

Amongst the pictures of biscuit dunkers and Owls in awkward positions all I felt was even more inspired to "do" something.  So off I went and raided Hubby's man cave, with all the bits and bobs I found this is what I came up with:

My very own recycled, refurbished, re-used busroll/word art! What do you think?

Thought of the moment:

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.
Steve Martin 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She's baaaaccccckkkk

Pin It Just a quick little blog post because with all the excitement of the markets I forgot to mention that my Elephant is back! Blog posts shall no longer contain bad spelling and inappropriate grammar followed by a completely unnecessary amount of exclamation marks. I shall also spend the rest of the week smiling alot bigger!!

In other exciting news over at The Owl and the Elephant website we are having a super dooper sale on our beautiful handcrafted glass dishes - they where $20, now just $15!!!

Thought of the moment:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

karrraaaatttte CHOP!

Pin It Life is full of those little "heart break" moments. Today I am having a moment.So just bare with me on this one.

I remember back when I was a teenager and I so desperately wanted this particular item of clothing that hung in the window of a shop I walked past on my way to TAFE - it taunted me with its come hither looks and its "I'm new and you can't have me" smell.  Oh I CAN have you - and I WILL! I saved all my babysitting money and it was mine. At least I thought it was. That top that had teased me for three weeks was gone. Somebody else had bought it. Heartbroken.

When my first ever "real" boyfriend broke it off with me. ( thats the nice way of saying I got ditched) Heartbroken.

When my hair just wouldn't do what it was supposed to. Heartbroken.

Now? Four kids latter, I sit here thinking about my "babies" (one of whom is 8 now, they will ALWAYS be my babies) and think wow, I wish I was only ever "someone else bought that top I wanted" heartbroken. Not I would move mountains to stop this happening to you heartbroken. Who would have ever thought with a "job"" that could be so damn awesome would come so many tears.

I have these moments about ALL of my children. I love each and every one of them more than I ever thought was humanly possible.These particular tears however are for my baby baby. Little Maximus Owl who was born 8 weeks early fighting for life but doing just that - fighting. His little gladiator name suited him to a tee as he fought against the odds, screwed his little button nose up at the doctors and said "pfft - I don't need your help breathing, didn't you catch my name? I can do it myself!"

Now my little baby is two and facing his second bilateral eye operation for a squint. He is beautiful. I know I know EVERYONE says their kids are beautiful. Mine REALLY TRULY RULY are beautiful ( totally no bias at all of course) and the fact that there is anyone else out there that looks at my littlest big man and sees anything but what I see breaks my heart.

On the odd occasion we go shopping, well we do this alot (ALOT) and we often get comments or looks or those innocent children with the "MUM mum mum MUUUUM look, whats wrong with his eyes?" . I want to crash tackle them ALL and tell them how when I cuddle him he likes to play with that little soft bit on my ear lobe, or how he is the most ticklish right underneath his bum - that little spot just before his nappy. Or how he has just learnt not 1, not 2 but THREE new words. He isn't all about the eyes - he is so so so much more and I love him so much that my heart literally feels like it could explode and if I could, for one second - for the rest of his lifetime - take away all the comments, all the operations and all the pain I would in a heartbeat. I would undergo a million katrillion eye operations if I could just save him from this one.

Once whilst shopping we took our goods up to the counter to pay and the lady looked at Max and smiled, then she turned to the three ladies behind the counter and called them over "Girls, ( I cant remember the names she was calling) come over here, you have GOT to see this little boy - he is SO cute - look! he is going cross eyed at me!!" she said as she tried to return the favor by going cross eyed at him.
I gripped my fingers ever so tightly around the handle of the trolley. I would not ninja roll the counter and beat her with my purse. I would not! I politely told her he had a squint and therefor no choice, gripped the handle a little tighter and.calmly.walked.away. Put the kids in the car, my head on the steering wheel and sobbed. My heart broke. I saw Max's little life floating in front of my eyes. The cruel comments from the other kids at school. The first rejection from that girl he likes ( that I have of course hand picked and preapproved because this is my vision and thats how ALL my kids life partners are chosen) and then I saw myself, commando roll through my own little dream and take them ALL out with one ninja kick WHHHHHAAAACHHHAAAAAA ( that's the noise I would make) HE IS BEAUTIFUL.

I know that life will throw so many hurdles at him, squinty eye or not. There will be times he comes to me for advice, for a bandaid, for a hug and in a selfish way I look forward to every single one of them. Its the times I can do nothing about, nothing but sit back and watch that break my wee little heart. Yes I know I know, thats life and life happens and things happen and these experiences will shape him to be the man he is going to be and it will be awesome and he will be great and and and and YES I have heard them all and somewhere deep down inside I know its all true -but today, the day before he screams whilst they put him to sleep. The day before he screams when he wakes in that room full of nurses that he doesnt know desperately looking for me because all he wants to do is rub that soft spot on my ear lobe, today - the day before he screams because it hurts. Today I am just going to cry a little and pray that this time it will work and it will all be ok and wish above everything else in this world that I could take it all away.

That and ninja chop anyone who stands in our way. He is Beautiful and he is my baby. Perfect in every.single.way.

Thought of the moment:

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt


Pin It Perth upmarket this weekend people!!!! We are so far beyond excitement that just for this little while, just for a bit, just for a blink and you will miss it period of time over at our website we are offering not 5, not 10, but 20% off ALL our beautiful everyone asks about it sells like hot cakes shabby chic, revamped, restored, recycled, reloved  furniture!!! Handcrafted with lots of love ( and patience!) and waiting for new homes....

Simply head over to our website choose your favourite piece ( or pieces!!) and enter the code IHEARTFURNITURE at the checkout.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!

Thought of the moment:


Monday, September 26, 2011

World's most dangerous jobs

Pin It  According to google the top 10 most dangerous jobs list goes a little like this:

1) commercial fisherman
2) Logger
3) aircraft pilot
4) farmer/rancher
5 ) roofer
6) steel worker
7) refuse collector
8) industrial machinary worker
9) truck driver
10) construction worker

Now, not to make light of the serious dangerous nature of some of the jobs out there I would like to add one.

11) handcrafter.

I have already lost most of my fingerprints to the hot glue gun so I suppose I didn't REALLY need feeling in the tip of my thumb, right? All stitched back up but never to feel the same *sigh* 

Why did these kind of things never happen when I was a kid and trying my darndest to get out of school work? Why do they happen now when I have stuff to do... like serious online shopping requiring the use of both thumbs for fast typing?

On top of all this? Mrs Elephant is not here to console *cough*laugh*cough* at me. I think I need a hug.

On the plus side I did manage to almost complete a large number of handcrafted nappy wipes cases before my injury in preparation for Perth Upmarket THIS SUNDAY!!! We can't wait to mingle with some of the best handcrafters in Perth including Tickety boo - kids with their unique collection of childrens clothing and retro artworks, inuk designs because if you don't know what a snood is you TOTALLY should, Tex & Joe and their amazing collection of organic goodess that has even been featured in Masterchef magazine and Happy as Larry who has a felt floor rug with my name on it! ( well not literally but I would really really really like one for Master 2's room re-do!) just to name a few! If you are in Perth this weekend you would be crazy to miss it! and if you are lucky enough to make it be sure to hunt us down and come say hi! Look at these beauties will you?

Thought of the moment:

Do what you can, With what you have, Where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, September 23, 2011

Alllllll by myself......... don't wanna be... alll by myself

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 Me. Its just me. All alone, no one to talk to, no one to sip tea with, no one to love. *sigh*

Ok well that isnt ENTIRELY true. I Just don't have an Elephant. Mrs Elephant has flown the coop ( or whatever it is Elephant's do when they leave. Im sure Owl's fly the coop. Anyone? ok now Im just babbling, it happens when I'm sad *sigh*)

Mrs Elephant has gone on a much deserved holiday with her hubby ( I would say better half but I kinda like to think that maybe that's me! hahahaha ahhh) and has left me to "hold the fort" for the week. What kind of trouble could I possibly get up to.... I have promised faithfully not to touch her "baby" the website ( well maybe just incy wincy little tweaks) and I'm pretty sure I can manage to do the posting on my own. Its just, well, it won't be the same and I ,well, I miss her!!! The tea just doesn't taste the same...............

Annnnyway.... Im going to pick myself up, brush myself off, put on my sunday best and get busy!!

Why? I hear you ask ( or at least I pretend I can hear you all asking) Well its because the weekend of my precious Natephants return marks a very exciting occasion!!  Perth Upmarket!
We have a few Perth Markets coming up but we just love love love Upmarket and all the luffly stalls we get to mingle with! We really really truly ruly hope you get a chance to come past and say hi!

Oh oh oh and I can't believe I almost forgot to mention ( almost) We have been published!

well maybe not in the book of awesome ( though Im pretty sure if there was one we would be in it, right next to cups of tea, chocolate, tim tams, that feeling you get when you laugh so hard no noise comes out and you just end up clapping heaps and looking like a seal and all of you)  but online! Check out our interview here : AWESOME  and let us know what you think!

Thought of the moment: ( thanks pinterest! )

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today we love.....

Pin It  Posters that answer the important questions.....

Elephants swimming...

Owls that wear glasses....

And awesome blogs with catchy names.......

What are you loving today?

Thought of the moment.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Pin It Soooooo most of the time I am without a doubt heart smileish happy. I mean come on I have not one, not two, not three but FOUR yes FOUR gorgeous children who make me laugh every day, a loving husband who thinks I look gorgeous in my underwear despite the bakery that hangs over the top of my granny knickers and a handful of the bestest friends a gal could ever ask for (you know who you are!) but sometimes when my eyes peek open in the morning to the sounds of "muuummmmm I think you need to come look at this" or I  open the letterbox to see the phone bill poking out instead of my latest online purchases, or have an argument over something stoopid with someone I love, or realise that this weeks paycheck will not buy me even half an african elephant (ok, it never will but you know, just sayin) it is hard to smile...

So when I think back to the days when a smile was the last thing I could muster up, when the idea of getting up, doing my hair and pretending to care about...well...anything I become incredibly grateful for the little things in my life, the phone bills, the jar of vegemite smeared up the kitchen wall, the silly arguments which always end with a hug and the people who thought to ask me way back when "R U OK?" and who gave me the courage to say ... yeah you know what? No.

The 15th of September is National  R U OK day. A day which aims to encourage Australians to reach out to someone they care about and ask the question are you ok and listening to the answer behind the words. We get so busy in our day to day lives it becomes so easy to ask the question without actually hearing the response. Tomorrow is your chance to listen, to help someone muster up that smile and know that their is someone who cares.

Who are you going to ask?

Thought of the moment:

Friends remind you that by their very steadfastness, that truth, beauty and goodness exist in that world, and that no matter what, there are and always will be people loving people through thick and thin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What do Nat & Josie talk about?

Pin It Here at The Owl and the Elephant we pride ourselves on our great work ethic -

 A typical TOATE internet "business" meeting goes a little like this:

Nat says
i feel a massive urge to chuck stuff out!

Josie h says
LOL what are you going to chuck?

Nat says
vases, twiggy stick thingys, i dunno...whatever else i find! clothes, stuff

Josie h says
LOL im going to do the playroom... again! but not today. Alex bella and annalise are currently trashing it

Nat says
glasses, want to get rid of that glass cabinet in the corner near the back door i think

Josie h says
oh really? i think it looks good

Nat says
i think i just want to start my house again!

Josie h says
LOL yeah that will be easy! 

Nat says
where should i nest next?? my phone area or the work room?
i've done 3 areas 

Josie h says
phone area
you do the work room alll the time lol

Nat says
i might get that memo board off the wall.....hmmmmm
don't knw what to do there

Josie h says
oh gees you are going to do yourself an injury!

Nat says
i think i need a silver ikea cupboard with the pull down roller door
i already tried to pull the white lounge apart and just about broke my back!

Josie h says
oh you dag. YOU'RE PREGNANT! stop doing stoopid stuff!
I printed out pics of the kids and decorated my fridge
you will hate it

Nat says
decorated the fridge? what does THAT mean?? lol
i am going to undecorate my fridge, you inspired me!!! hahahahha

Josie h says
I know you like a clean fridge! mine is now covered with pics LOL

Nat says
i might need a pinterest break for inspiration on organising my phone area and making a kids artwork display in the toy room. hmmmm...maybe like this

Josie h says
just stick them around the house!
Nat says
pinterest is down,  i could cry

Nat says
ahh...i have vacuumed, washed cushion covers, sorted my wardrobe, sorted my front lounge and dusted everything and taken stuff out, sorted my craft supplies in toy room wardrobe and chucked stuff out...feels good but now my back hurts

Josie h says
possibly becuase you SHOULDNT DO ALL THAT STUFF lol

Nat says
nah, its because i have no abs
i USED to have a 4 pack

Josie h says
you just need to pretend to be me for a day - washing? meh it will still be there later, vaccuming - meh it will still be there latter, tidying? - meh 4 kids whats the point. chocolate and tea - yes please!

Nat says
nah i did that yesterday!

Josie h says
I have a six pack, I just hide it under all the extra layers of loveableness

Nat says
going to sort lunch out, got a major crafting session planned with evie after lunch!!

Josie h says
is that just so you can hang pics on the wall?

Nat says

Josie h says

You can see why we get so much done! We are like a well oiled machine. Lucky enough to love what we do and who we do it with!

Thought of the moment:

The dishes will still be there later. Go hug someone

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Challenge of the day...

Pin It Your challenge today, should you choose to accept -is to read the following blog post without a single smirk, not a solitary chuckle and definately without any all out tear inducing laughter. Let me know how you go...

So, Mr Owl left yesterday morning with Mr Elephant to do some work. They took Mr Owl's car so Mr Elephant reversed his ute ever so nicely into the top of my driveway making sure to leave enough room for me to ever so cleverly maneuver around it.

Mrs Elephant Messaged me with the suggestion of a meet up at the park - nice day, check. Plenty of kids we could easily kill with a spoon if we do not get them out of the house, check! PERFECTOMUNDO!

Pack up some morning tea, get out of my pj's and head out to the car.... Oh thats right! yesterday my number plate fell off and Mr Owl has not fixed it, hmmmm Im a strong independant woman - I can do that!!

Strapped the kids in the car, grabbed the drill and a couple of screws and voila! that number plate ain't going no where!!

Hop in, turn the car on feeling very chuffed at my handwork. Car in reverse, car going backwards, car BANG.

Ahhhhh crap thats right - I was supposed to cleverly maneuver AROUND Mr Elephant's car. oops. Thank goodness for insurance *sigh* Mr Owl and Mr Elephant will NEVER let me live this down...

I have slightly blocked it out BUT - note the number plate didn't fall off!!! Go me!

Thought of the moment:

I laugh because I must not cry, That is all, that is all.

Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*cough cough splutter*

Pin It Today I (Josie) have a VERY serious case of man cold...... don't panic, as bad as it may seem I feel I can push through and will make it to see another day... just. Feel free however to commence sympathy messages..........NOW. (NB: whilst drafting said sympathy messages please take into account my four children, growing pile of washing, uncooked dinner for before mentioned children and absence of husband to mine site somewhere)

I have also lost all but one of my fingerprints to this growing pile of as yet unfinished  wipes cases:

courtesy of this ...

My old faithful 'has seen better days' glue gun.

On the plus side, whilst wallowing in self pity with my trusty laptop, snuggly blanket and cuppa I DID happen to stumble across the following beautiful blogs...

A beautiful mess - well lets face it the title drew me in!!

and the lovely Gemini Stitches who blogged about some absolutely GORGEOUS purchases she made on July 15th... :oP hehehe

Now with my current state in mind the thought of the moment is out the window!! (well just for today!) and replaced instead with....

Laugh of the moment:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today's post ...............

Pin It Is dedicated wholly and solely to the wonderful irreplacable Mrs Elephant who I absolutely adore!!! Why you might ask? Well.....

WOOHOOOO!!!!! I'm going to be an honourary aunty again!!! Watch this space for preggo updates, the occasional sneaky photo (she is not very forthcoming with those!) and of course your chance to guess... blue or pink?

Thought of the moment:

The best way to think of stretch marks is as pregnancy service stripes.



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