Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*cough cough splutter*

Pin It Today I (Josie) have a VERY serious case of man cold...... don't panic, as bad as it may seem I feel I can push through and will make it to see another day... just. Feel free however to commence sympathy messages..........NOW. (NB: whilst drafting said sympathy messages please take into account my four children, growing pile of washing, uncooked dinner for before mentioned children and absence of husband to mine site somewhere)

I have also lost all but one of my fingerprints to this growing pile of as yet unfinished  wipes cases:

courtesy of this ...

My old faithful 'has seen better days' glue gun.

On the plus side, whilst wallowing in self pity with my trusty laptop, snuggly blanket and cuppa I DID happen to stumble across the following beautiful blogs...

A beautiful mess - well lets face it the title drew me in!!

and the lovely Gemini Stitches who blogged about some absolutely GORGEOUS purchases she made on July 15th... :oP hehehe

Now with my current state in mind the thought of the moment is out the window!! (well just for today!) and replaced instead with....

Laugh of the moment:

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