Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ten things

Pin It Just to be completly random - ten things you may or may not have known about myself and the ever lovely Nat!!

1 Favourite thing at the mo?

Josie: Cadbury Pineapple chocolate - at least Im sure it will be once I get to try it!!!

Nat: Cadbury Caramel Mousse chocolate

(is it sad we both said chocolate??)

2 Least favourite things?

Josie : green peas and the press studs on bonds wondersuits (does anyone REALLY ever get them done the right way first time? ever?)

Nat: voice recognition phone services - they never understand me especially when I shout at them,
pictures hanging crooked on a wall, spelling mistakes or bad grammar and punctuation (there, I said it!!)

3 Favourite book?

Josie: Dessert flower by Waries Dirie

Nat: Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin

4 Pet hate?

Josie: when people say "youse" as in "youse guys" or "see youse latter" ITS NOT A REAL WORD PEOPLE!!!! and the word moist.... its just weird.

Nat: 'text talk' or spelling when not used in a text

5 Five things we could not live without (and none of the mushy my kids, my husband bizzo!)

Josie: My GHD's, my slippers, vegemite, my iphone, poofy unnecesary cushions. Oh and Nat! I know thats six things but maths was never my strong point! and yes its a llliiiittttle bit mushy but  meh it happens!! :oP

Nat: ugg boots, my bible, my computer, 'lists' of any kind (they organise the chaos in my mind!), chocolate

6 Hidden talent?

Josie: My ability to have a "song for every moment" paired with my total inability to hold a note.

Nat: I am really good at picking things up with my feet!

7 Fold or scrunch?

Josie: Scrunch

Nat: Scrunch (and might I add, there is a correct way for toilet paper to hang off the roll, people! It should always fall over the TOP of the roll and not down towards the back near the wall. If I find it hanging wrong in your house I WILL change it!)

8 Fav facebook/webpage at the mo? (apart from the totally awesome The Owl and the Elephant website!)

Josie: Choosing just one is hard but I am loving sisterhood sewing's cute chalkboard owls!!

Nat: Totally hooked on Pinterest. It keeps everything I find on the net bookmarked for me but in 'visual format'...its just how my brain works :o)

9 Favourite movie?

Josie: Fried Green Tomatoes (laugh it up Nat! If you were a REAL friend you would have watched it by now - just to see!)

Nat: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

10: Most embarrassing moment?

Josie: Splitting my pants in Master 5's classroom and having to hobble back to the car looking like I had wet my pants and praying no one saw it!

Nat: Losing my credit card inside a car park ticket machine because I put it in the ticket slot and not the credit card slot! With a massive queue of people behind me waiting, Josie peeing herself laughing at me and the voice on the 'help button' being less than sympathetic. Still laughing. 

Thought of the moment:

" Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid"

Albert Einstein

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