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Once upon a time, two friends with a mutual love of drinking tea discovered that this was just the start. Conversations turned to fabric & furniture, revamping & repurposing, kids & craft ... it was here that the tale of The Owl & the Elephant began
Josie is Sydney born and bred, with a background in early childhood and a love for road side hard rubbish and the belief that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. With a penchant for the written word you will more often than not find Josie’s “touch” on such things as the blog and blurbs that come along with all things Owl and Elephant.
Josie now lives in Perth with her husband Tyler and their four children – Toby (8), Alex (6), Bella (4), Max (2) and Murphy the cat.  Life is busy with The Owl and the Elephant, four curious children (Mum...superman’s mum must not have been as good as you – she never taught him to put his undies on the inside!!”) and a rather large, rather noisy extended Italian family! Plus ever increasing visits to her hometown and much loved family in Sydney!
Natalie is a Perth girl who spent time living in Melbourne. She studied Art & Design for a period at Perth TAFE. Having worked in retail for over 10 years, 5 of those as a Regional Manager for a major retailer, Natalie wanted to put her business knowledge to use in her own business where she could express her creativity, and in an environment that fit around her young family. Natalie and Chris have two girls, Evie (4) and Mischa (18 months) and are expecting a third child early in 2012.
Together we have become the best of friends, solid business partners and “family” affectionately referring to ourselves as the “ndersons”  our children also refer to each other as brothers and sisters! (Yes we are nervously awaiting the “awkward” years!!!”)
Established in 2010 and located in Perth, Western Australia.
Josie & Nat


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