Monday, November 28, 2011

The Santa Clause.....

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We are strong believers in the true meaning behind christmas here in The Owl household ( same goes for the Elephant clan) . The reason for the season and all that jazz. We are also strong believers in the magic of Christmas, Santa stockings, elves that sneak through keyholes, straw that gets scattered on the front lawn and two grown adults who sit on the couch at 10pm Christmas Eve and gnaw on carrots - just like a reindeer would!!! There is something so incredibly magical about the whole season, nothing quiet matches up to those squeals at 5am of "MUUUUMMMM! DAAAADDDD Santa came!!!!" (and his reindeer ate the carrots! Look at the mess they made!!!)

On a recent 'Oh Lord, why did I do this' shopping trip with my 4 children master 8 turned to me with that question I have been dreading since the day he exited the womb (well maybe not THAT long but it sure feels like it!) "Mum, today at school the boys where talking and well, is Santa really real?"


Despite the chaos of the oodles of christmas shoppers and oh too cool high school kids wafting around us everything went silent. Suddenly 4 sets of eyes where all looking at me keenly (admittedly master 2 was just staring and laughing, and poking, and singing) with those "yeah come on mum, you have ALL the answers" kinda looks they give you. Everything went a little fuzzy, I think I felt a tear welling up and I snapped back perhaps a little too quickly with "Of course he is, who else brings all those presents? Its not me - I already think you have too many toys!"
Ok...stop talking now...don't over justify....don't look suspicious "Oh look guys! Icecream!!"

Phew...bullet dodged...or was it... is he onto me? Does he know? Does he now think I'm lying to him?

As Nat will tell you I have this incessent need to poke things with a stick. So as we continued to walk around the shops (and the kids to eat their Quick! Something shiny! icecreams) I poked.
"So do YOU think Santa is real?
What else do the kids say?
What do you think about elves?
Do you remember what Santa brought last year?
What do you think Santa will bring this year?
If it wasn't santa who was it?
What do you think of the current interest rate?"

Then I heard that little voice which at the time kinda sounded alot like my wise ol'elephant slap me upside the head - STOP IT JOSIE!!! If it ain't broke, don't fix it - he will ask again! He will come to you when he wants to know!

So I left it, I came home, unpacked the shopping, I cooked dinner, I bathed children, I read stories, I put children to bed, I chatted to husband, I scoured through 8 years of photos with a block of chocolate a cup of tea and a mountain of tissues.Totally normal right? (Oh and I of course facebook statused my "problem" to get the opinion of the masses - who needs real life when you 've got facebook?)  Then I reminded myself that just because the whole Santa thing may be coming to an end for Master 8, I still have another 3 children who "believe" and it does not mean that he is going to leave home, get married, have a child and forget to call me on Sundays. He is just growing up *sigh*.

And besides... if you don't believe in Santa all you get is a stocking full of socks and undies. Because thats what all sensible 'he has a million-katrillion toys but could always use new socks type of mums' buy, right?

Thought of the moment:

 Don't forget to buy a present for cousin Jack! Or Bruce, or Sophie, or Clare or Ben or or or or ......

Thursday, November 24, 2011

honesty is the best policy

Pin It Children are without a doubt the most honest people in the world. When faced with the everyday questions like "do you like my cooking", "how does my hair look" or "does this outfit make my bum look big" I have learnt NEVER to ask ANY of my children!
"Mum it isnt too bad, I just like it better when Nonna makes it".
"Your hair looks great - I like how it is all fluffy".
"No it doesnt make your bum look big, your bum looked big before you put it on and your tummy is like jelly, I like how it wobbles when you laugh" 

So today we invite you to take a leaf out of their book. We really moustache you a question and welcome your responses with the same childlike honesty we hear from our lovelies everyday.....

 What do you think of our flashy new website?

Please be honest, though our feelings (and our ego's) may be bruised and battered we are ready for it!! What do you think? Easy to use? Nice to look at? Marks out of ten? All that jazz?

Off you go... put on your best critics hat (or moustache what ever takes your fancy) and tell us what you think!

 Thought of the moment:

Beware of the half truth.  You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.  ~Author Unknown


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