Thursday, July 14, 2011

thought of the moment...

Pin It We are lucky enough to be part of an extremly close family. The kind where cousins are brothers and sisters, Aunties and Uncles are just an extention of mum and dad, Family dinners can mean anything from 7 to 37 people sitting around a table only meant for 8. There are no secrets. There is no " alone time". Sometimes I have had moments of absolute exasperation at the "in your pocketness" of it all. Then something happens and I realise how truly blessed I am to have married into a family that loves each other so much, so purely, so unreservedly.
Recently we receieved a phone call letting us know that one of Tyler's cousins had passed away, less than a week after his 28th birthday. He has left a massive hole in our family that can never be filled. He will be missed more than anyone could possibly imagine and we are so greatful for the good times and the memories we have. He was such a "blokes bloke" and we used to laugh at the way you would have to force a hug out of him - infact we enjoyed doing it! When my boys would go to hug him he would grunt and say "Men shake, shake or hi-5, we dont hug mate" and they would hug him all the same. His dad kept a detailed journal of his life. Every moment, big or small. Not a baby book. A life story. Photos, the works. Such treasured memories.
Its not to late to start. My oldest is 8 and my youngest about to turn 2. I have just bought a journal for each one. I am going to write down the moments that have passed and the ones yet to come. What an awesome memory to have, for me, for them, for their grandkids. It breaks my heart that our cousin will not be able to pass his on but I know how much it will be loved by his nieces and nephews to come and by the rest of our family.
As a mother the grief I have felt for his immediate family, his mum and dad, is undescribable. To loose a child is something that should never happen. Each night I hug my children just a little bit tighter. kiss them just that one extra time, and thank God for every single second I have with them. Life is to precious to spend worrying about the little things. Wondering what people think of you. Stressing about the small stuff.

Hug your kids. Crazy dance in the loungeroom. Lick the spoon. Love the life you have. Write down the "moments" and smile at strangers. You never know who's day your making  a difference in.


  1. So sorry for your loss and what a beautiful idea with the journal. Well said Josie x

  2. beautiful post! I hope I can stick to keeping a journal for my little guy too!

  3. Wow that was brilliantly written, thanks for sharing with us Jose, such a tragedy for the whole family and my prayers and thoughts are with you all. What a brilliant idea for the journal, so many times we laugh at something our kids say or think to ourselves i must remember that and tell them when they are older or even (cant wait for it to happen) embarass them on their 21st!! i think i'll keep a journal myself so i can treasure all the moments i have with my girls.
    much love
    Britt xo



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