Friday, September 23, 2011

Alllllll by myself......... don't wanna be... alll by myself

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 Me. Its just me. All alone, no one to talk to, no one to sip tea with, no one to love. *sigh*

Ok well that isnt ENTIRELY true. I Just don't have an Elephant. Mrs Elephant has flown the coop ( or whatever it is Elephant's do when they leave. Im sure Owl's fly the coop. Anyone? ok now Im just babbling, it happens when I'm sad *sigh*)

Mrs Elephant has gone on a much deserved holiday with her hubby ( I would say better half but I kinda like to think that maybe that's me! hahahaha ahhh) and has left me to "hold the fort" for the week. What kind of trouble could I possibly get up to.... I have promised faithfully not to touch her "baby" the website ( well maybe just incy wincy little tweaks) and I'm pretty sure I can manage to do the posting on my own. Its just, well, it won't be the same and I ,well, I miss her!!! The tea just doesn't taste the same...............

Annnnyway.... Im going to pick myself up, brush myself off, put on my sunday best and get busy!!

Why? I hear you ask ( or at least I pretend I can hear you all asking) Well its because the weekend of my precious Natephants return marks a very exciting occasion!!  Perth Upmarket!
We have a few Perth Markets coming up but we just love love love Upmarket and all the luffly stalls we get to mingle with! We really really truly ruly hope you get a chance to come past and say hi!

Oh oh oh and I can't believe I almost forgot to mention ( almost) We have been published!

well maybe not in the book of awesome ( though Im pretty sure if there was one we would be in it, right next to cups of tea, chocolate, tim tams, that feeling you get when you laugh so hard no noise comes out and you just end up clapping heaps and looking like a seal and all of you)  but online! Check out our interview here : AWESOME  and let us know what you think!

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