Monday, September 26, 2011

World's most dangerous jobs

Pin It  According to google the top 10 most dangerous jobs list goes a little like this:

1) commercial fisherman
2) Logger
3) aircraft pilot
4) farmer/rancher
5 ) roofer
6) steel worker
7) refuse collector
8) industrial machinary worker
9) truck driver
10) construction worker

Now, not to make light of the serious dangerous nature of some of the jobs out there I would like to add one.

11) handcrafter.

I have already lost most of my fingerprints to the hot glue gun so I suppose I didn't REALLY need feeling in the tip of my thumb, right? All stitched back up but never to feel the same *sigh* 

Why did these kind of things never happen when I was a kid and trying my darndest to get out of school work? Why do they happen now when I have stuff to do... like serious online shopping requiring the use of both thumbs for fast typing?

On top of all this? Mrs Elephant is not here to console *cough*laugh*cough* at me. I think I need a hug.

On the plus side I did manage to almost complete a large number of handcrafted nappy wipes cases before my injury in preparation for Perth Upmarket THIS SUNDAY!!! We can't wait to mingle with some of the best handcrafters in Perth including Tickety boo - kids with their unique collection of childrens clothing and retro artworks, inuk designs because if you don't know what a snood is you TOTALLY should, Tex & Joe and their amazing collection of organic goodess that has even been featured in Masterchef magazine and Happy as Larry who has a felt floor rug with my name on it! ( well not literally but I would really really really like one for Master 2's room re-do!) just to name a few! If you are in Perth this weekend you would be crazy to miss it! and if you are lucky enough to make it be sure to hunt us down and come say hi! Look at these beauties will you?

Thought of the moment:

Do what you can, With what you have, Where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Ooooh OW I hear you on the glue gun but something requiring stitches :-( How did you hurt it ,you poor love (((cyber hug))) coming your way... Have a fabulously successful Upmarket x

  2. What on earth??!! Can't leave you alone for a minute now can I?

  3. Ouch~ BLOOD, sweat and tears, hey?



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