Friday, March 25, 2011

We LOVE Honey & Fizz

Pin It If you happen to stop past either The Owl or the Elephant's houses in the coming weeks (or read our upcoming blogs! Josie is MADLY redecorating her house so you are soon to be inundated with boring shots of her house and its "new" rooms!!) you will see our newest prized possesions.....

We are in LOVE!!! Having spent many months searching through bus rolls we came across this lovely lady here on facebook. Her pricing is incredible at just $15 and her products divine!

And whats more..... she has a BLOG!!! We have goosepimples of excitement and will be meeting the postman AT the letter box in anticipation of these beautiful beautiful bus rolls arriving.

Thought of the moment:

Clearly if you live in Sydney, have lived in Sydney, have ever wanted to live in Sydney , or have as a bestie and business partner someone who is any of the previous you're ORSE

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much Nat and Josie for featuring Honey and Fizz's prints on your blog! I'm so honoured! xx



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