Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pure Design

Pin It The time has come to show off the newest team member over at The Owl and the Elephant.... she doesn't do much except sleep and create odd smells and make little puppy dog like noises but sheesh she is sure fun to look at and she smells DIVINE!!

Welcome to the world lil Scarlett Mae Elephant....

My hand! My hand! I can see my hand!!!! - (I swear that is what she is thinking in this photo!!!)

The thinker... planning our next product line!! Ok ok no more running commentary .. promise!!

We think she is an absolutely marvelous addition to our team and so incredibly cute!!! (going to go a little soppy on you all now!! BUT there IS a newborn involved so its ok and I  promise not to do it again for a loooong time, I'm not normally the soppy type!!)

What is it about newborns that makes them such amazing time wasters?
And why has no one managed to bottle that newborn baby smell yet?
And why does it have to go away?
And why do they get bigger?
And where on earth do they get that attitude from??

*sigh* We are hoping this one does not grow up too fast! It is such an amazing thing just how much love you can feel for these little people in our life. Just looking at her brings goose pimple heart popping indescribable *love* and I (Mrs Owl) feel 100% entirely blessed to be a part of it all and so incredibly proud of Mrs Elephant for her obvious ability to produce totally delicious children (well I suppose Mr Elephant MAY have had something to do with that one as well!)  To love someone elses kids equally as much as you love your own is a pretty amazing thing! I love that as my kids grow up they have someone else in their life they can turn to if its one of those moments when mum is just not the right person and hope that the little Elephants will do the same with me. Got to love a bit of unofficial aunty status!

For those of our lovely likers who are in Perth if you would like to check out our newest team member in the flesh you best be popping along to Market Girl on the 25th of March where Scarlett will be holding the fort and taking your custom orders as well as selling our goods! Well... maybe just kicking back in the pram (If Mrs Owl manages to put her down!!) but she will be there none the less! There is no stopping Mrs Elephant - she is a wonder woman!

How beautiful are these photos? They where taken by the AMAZING Niki at Pure Design and Photography. She is also the mastermind behind our gorgeous logo! If you want some professional photos taken or a logo designed, or invites or flyers or or or or we cannot recommend her highly enough! Head over to her website and see for yourself (you will even spot the four owl babies if you look carefully!)

Thought of the moment:

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. -Elizabeth Stone


  1. Be still my beating heart (and uterus). She is divine. xxx

  2. Ahhhh...absolutely adorable..... My uterus is calling too! THanks for sharing.



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