Tuesday, January 11, 2011

to market to market to buy a fat pig.....

Pin It Hands down one of the "funnest" parts of owning a business such as The Owl and the Elephant is attending markets, both as a shopper and a seller! We love to "get amongst it" and see what WA handmade has to offer and WOW!! there are certainly some talents out there! One of the HARDEST parts of having a stall at any markets is not spending all the money we make on all the beautiful goods available!

Last weekend we decided to do some research *cough* shopping *cough* and headed off to the Kalamunda markets to see if The Owl and the Elephant would "fit in".

We set out bright and early with all the best intentions of getting to the markets for open time but decided to take a detour *cough* get lost *cough* and took the scenic route past Mundaring Weir. When we FINALLY got there we where blown away by the array of gorgeous goodies.

What beautiful things we saw!! We have put in our application and cannot wait to have our first stall there. Stay tuned, you certainly won't want to miss it!

Another market we just LOVE is Market Girl and if you would like to come and check out The Owl and the Elephant " in the flesh" so to speak we will be there on the 13th February. One of the best parts of markets is when our facebook likers (and now faithful blog followers!) come to see us - so please come say hi!! We might even have to work out some "special" for our fans who mention where they follow us. Hmm now there's an idea!
As we have so many lovely things if you ARE coming to the markets and there is something particular you would like to see please let us know.   Now would also be a great time to get those custom orders in so you can save on postage and just come past and pick it up.

and now just a teaser of our beautiful market spreads....

We really do hope to catch all you Perthies there! If nothing more, its a great day out!

Thought of the moment: 
Whatever you feed the most- your heart or your convictions- will become the stronger and in the end will claim the victory

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