Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Pin It ahhhhh the moment you realise all the kids have left the room and your STILL dancing to Hi-5. Alone.

Or the moment you get home from a full days shopping and socialising to discover that you had your top on inside out ... the WHOLE TIME!!

Realising you have baby vomit all down your left shoulder .... realising others have all ready noticed it to.

Discovering you have sat on your phone and rung a family member whilst sitting back whinging to a friend... about said family member.

Watching your son finger painting on the walls - then realising he is fingerpainting with all your expensive eyeshadows.

Wondering why the cake tastes so funny, then realising the "salt" is sitting right next to the "sugar"

Being handed a hand drawn "The Owl and the Elephant"  by Master Owl aged 5 years..................

How blessed are we hey?

Thought of the moment:

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.
Franklin P


  1. GREAT quote of the day. Thanks Josie. My patience meter has been tested to the max. Then again, perhaps 'max' will be at a different level when they reach teenagehood?? XD

  2. That drawing is adorable! I'm so glad you found my glad because now I've found your super cute blog!!



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