Friday, April 29, 2011

pinkie tea!!

Pin It Royal Wedding day! We certainly hope that this morning finds you drinking tea - pinkie high in the air!!

When blogging the other day Mrs Elephant had trouble thinking of a "moment" to add (yes faithful followers it is here Mrs Owl admits ALL those things happened to me!!!) so this morning just to teach her a lesson - she had a spectacular moment all of her own!!

Whilst sitting back... enjoying her pinkie tea, make-upless and in her best daggy PJ's Mrs Elephant heard a knock at the door....flash backs to emails and converstations flared before her eyes as she suddenly remembered that we had organised a customer to come and pick up an order this morning!! How's that for customer service at its best people?

Ahhhhh dear I love that woman!

Speaking of things we love check out these seriously lovable blogs we have come across!!

The ever lovely Jane Hall has just started a blog over at "Salvation Jane" and we just love everything about it - from the title to the content its definitely one not to miss!! Isn't she lovely?

Another favourite is Honey and Fizz we are BIG fans of her beautiful bus rolls (in fact Mrs Owl's house is near on wallpapered in them!)  and know you will be too!

Last but certainly not least - Kelle Hampton has a beautiful blog which we just love to read curled up on the couch with our snuggie and our pinkie tea!!

Now before we leave you to your Royal Wedding preparations we thought we would post a picture of the Owl and the Elephant in our wedding gowns.... after all... everyone deserves to be a princess for a day!!!

Mr and Mrs Elephant....

And Mr and Mrs Owl (pregnant, in amongst a SMALL selection of Mr Owls family)  in wedding dress number two from our Perth wedding (dress 1 seen in earlier blogs was the sydney version a few months earlier!!)

Happy Royal wedding day everyone - how will you be celebrating?

Thought of the moment:

To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup - Whenever your wrong admit it, and whenever your right shutup!!


  1. Awww you girls are too sweet! Thank you for the lovely mention! Will definately have to check out those other blogs too, sounds like my cup of tea. Love your princess moments xx

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Mrs E!!!!! =) Bxx



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