Tuesday, May 17, 2011

STOP.. Hammertime!

Pin It So you know those days when someone just has to say a word or you just have to see a picture and thats IT! Its stuck... that annoying little song that just goes round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round in your head - even MORE anoying when you only know two words and the rest is all " da da da da dum dum de de da da" .
This did it for me today.....

Now all I can do is - stop! Hammertime! Lucky its such a cool picture hey? (and a cool song *blush* ).
What song gets stuck in your head?

Our kids have been doing a bit of the same to each other - Bella Owl has such an obsession with Michael Jackson she has totally terrified Evie Elephant with Zombies from Thriller and Evie Elephant has such an obsession with The wizard of Oz she has totally terrifed Bella Owl with talk of cyclones and being "swept away" lucky they are so damn cute hey? Do your kids have any fears (irrational or otherwise!) that have been passed on by others?

Anyway fluff and fancy aside - we are VERY super dooper oupper exited to be attending not only Market Girl but also Perth Upmarket  where we will be showcasing our awesomely awesome (orse even!) range of homewares, handcrafted goodies and delectable delightful range of beautiful fabric covered light switch covers, baby wipes cases, chalk mats, fabric baskets, serving trays, glass dishes, screens and more!!!
We so hope to see you there!!! What will you be keeping your eye out for?

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