Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?

Pin It Ok so I (Josie aka Mrs Owl) have recently become the owner of a new ensemble bed and oh me oh my!! lying on my new smooshy mattress is ALMOST enough to make me forget that 1 to 4 of my lovely children may or may not join me at any moment!!

Wanna see it? :oP

So YES I got a LITTLE over excited and did not iron it as I probably should have but hey - check out those throw cushions! I have a new addiction!

Downside - checkout that boring wall!!

Here starts my newest google obsession..... bedheads!!!

Aren't these BEAUTIFUL?

THEN I came across this......

Does it remind you of anything? Perhaps these STUNNING black & white damask folding screens available from a little company I have grown to love :oP 

If you can get past the blatant advertising *cough* visit The Owl and the Elephant *cough* theyareawesome* cough*

How AMAZING would these folding screens look as a bedhead?

Thought of the moment:

Sometimes its ok to look back, just to remind yourself how much stronger you are now than you where back then....



  1. I completely understand that feeling of the new ensemble bed! Ahhh cushion topped! I went and bought beautiful white sheets with big european cushions and was feeling quite proud (of the 40-60% discounts) until my husband came in from work... covered in red iron ore dust... So white sheets are for when he's away, black sheets are for when he's home ;) Enjoying your blog immensely! Verity

  2. Hahaha! We both laugh as we both have what we call "Real Men" for husbands...you know, the ones who work hard and sweat and get dirty! Both realised early on we will never have crisp white sheets with our greasy men!



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