Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink

Pin It The Owl & the Elephant works like a well oiled machine. This is largely due to the fact that whilst the Owl and the Elephant are the bestest of friends and the same in oh so many ways one of us is an anally organised, time checker, diary keeper, on tracker, tidy, to the pointer whilst the other is... meh, whatevs, it will be fine, disorganised, untidy (only slightly!) we will do it when we get to it kinda gal!
We like to think that it is this "chalk and cheeseness" that makes us so perfectly compatable!! We have noticed changes - one of us has become slightly more relaxed whilst the other has become slightly more organised!!!

Your job today? From the contents of our bags, guess which one - The Owl or the Elephant is which? (family members, Nancy, Jess, Pauline and Britt you are already disqualified!!) 

  1. family diary
  2. glass cat ornament
  3. iphone complete with cracked glass screen
  4. versace glasses case
  5. headband
  6. entry form
  7. spotlight card
  8. receipt
  9. pen 
  10. 10c piece
  11. suncream
  12. miscellaneous lolly and chewy wrappers
  13. pen lid (note: does not fit previously mentioned pen!)
  14. pink dummy
  15. purse
  16. blue dummy
  17. keys
  18. 2 baby shoes

  1. Wipes case containing:
    1. tissue cover
    2. glasses cleaning cloth
    3. hair tie
    4. bandaid
    5. mirror
    6. naprogesic
    7. nail clippers
    8. lip gloss
    9. pill container with 4 nurofen tabs
    10. girls swiss army knife!
  2. silk business card holder
  3. cupcakes chalkboard mat (sold by The Owl & the Elephant here)
  4. pink damask fold up shopping bag
  5. silk post it note holder
  6. kikki k envelope with The Owl & the Elephant postcards/business cards in
  7. nurofen zavance
  8. naprogesic
  9. 'keep it up' smiley face sticker
  10. hand sanitiser
  11. pen
  12. ikea pencil
  13. another pen
  14. yet another pen - kikki k pen
  15. mango lip balm
  16. blistex lip balm
  17. necklace
  18. Olga Berg coin purse (belonging to daughter)
  19. usb stick
  20. chuppa chup
  21. purse

The best thing about The Owl and the Elephant? Doing something we love, with someone we love equally as much,  realising what those ladies on the Tena commercials where talking about. When you work with a best friend you laugh so hard sometimes you can't help but wee a little!!! 

Thought of the moment:
“The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.” ~Unknown~


    1. ba ha ha ha ha ha ohhh i should win a prize!!! lol i think this is a brilliant idea, can see your uniqueness in the contents of your handbags!!love you guys and loving the product as usual =D

    2. My bets are on The Owl for bag no. 1 and The Elephant for bag no. 2. But then again .....
      Jude S

    3. I say Josie bag one (the owl) & Nat bag two (the elephant) :)


    4. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!! Soooooooo obvious and i love that I am first after family members mmmmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaa

    5. I'm thinking Nat for the top bag and Josie for the bottom one :)

    6. ahhh ok ok so most of you guessed ( some of you knew :oP ) Josie is the top bag and Nat the bottom!!



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