Friday, February 25, 2011


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Okely dokely, so we have decided to go with a theme a day idea for the blog in the hope we can publish daily! Fridays theme will from here on in be.....
"Our latest Obsession"

Todays obsession is bought to you by Mrs Elephant and her somewhat odd obsession for all things moustache!

The twirlier the better!

sorry Tommy boy! Its allllll about the stache! we are sure you have a SUPER personality though!

Now what tea-loving, moustache-loving gal could go past these? pretty sure coffee would taste even more entirely blissful outta these beauties!

Especially whilst relaxing on these...

(found over at The Amperstache - a WHOLE BLOG dedicated to mo's!)

and for those to young to grow one of their own...

or this onesie over at Handsome Howard

and now to buy the pattern for this so Nanny Elephant can knit one of these for baby elephant *cough* Nat * cough*

find the link here

Need the perfect way to soothe your little one to sleep? ( NO Mrs Owl it is NOT nightmare inducing!) check this out!

and last but by no means least.... the perfect addition to ANY shopping trip:

ahhhhh *swoon* off to continue my moustache "reasearch" some more!!

Thought of the moment:
A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar"


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  1. Oh wow these are fab, I have a slight moustache obsession myself!



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