Sunday, February 6, 2011

kalamunda markets

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What looks like an attempt to empty a house is actually how Nat and I spent our Friday evening, getting ready for the Kalamunda markets!! We decided this time to do a full set up in Nat's dining room so that by the time we arrived at the markets we knew EXACTLY where we wanted everything to go!

What do you think of our setup?


the perfect spot for the perfect market shop!

Our "try it and see" temptation table with our little cute as a button "tool" crayons which unfortunately did not take to kindly to the warm sunny day!!

We met some so many lovely people and a big thankyou to all those that came past to say hi!! The Owl arrived home sporting a killer sunburn ( lesson learnt!!) and we scored some extra special goodies (the hardest part of markets - trying not to spend  the takings!!) and had an all round awesomely awesome day.

We would LOVE to know what you think of our setup - any suggestions? observations? compliments? 
(te he he) 

Thought of the moment: 

Sunburn hurts. Wear sunscreen.


  1. The set up looks great girls!! Love the scales ;) xx

  2. It looks fab girls!!! I like the scales too and the white shelf thingys. You are both incredibly talented and amazing. Think i'm gonna have to check out those serving trays for mothers day. It all looks FAB!! :)

  3. I love it, looks fab. I certainly couldnt have resisted passing that great set up. Hope you did well!

  4. Looks fantastic and makes me eager to attend next market day!! Wanted to get there this month couldn't make it - can't wait to make some purchases from your stall!

  5. I just love markets! And that table covering you have is so much fun!



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