Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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We started with this (well, after a little sanding!):

Knew we HAD to have this fabric:

The Owl worked her magic "shabby chic'ing" up Alice and making her look all rustic and beautiful...then came the next step - fusing the fabric onto the dresser...a difficult task!

Measuring it all up before we start

The very painstaking task of getting the fabric fused perfectly to the top of Alice

The Elephant being 'pedantic' about smoothing out every single bubble or imperfection

All smoothed out waiting to dry

Just about dry....time to trim off the excess fabric (stay tuned for what we do with that)

Little Miss Elephant HAD to have a closer look...its JUST her size!

Now all we are waiting on are these beautiful drawer knobs we searched high and low for and eventually found in a store in New York
We think they will be just the finishing touch for Alice! Now please pray they arrive THIS WEEK!!

and here she is completed...


If you have fallen in love with Alice, register your interest by comment below or email us at


  1. Very nice ladies! I love the series of pictures!!!

  2. Amazing! That material is awesome...I can't wait to see it with the knobs. Great job!
    How exactly to you fuse fabric to the wood? Do you coat with a sealer afterward?
    My curiosity is peaked there a tutorial on your blog about fusing fabric to wood surfaces?

  3. Maybe oneday Cindi!! we are not quiet ready to give our secrets away just yet ;oP we will however tell you that the top is VERY well protected so the fabric stays in good nick!

    1. hi! please dont be offended, but why do you post the project if you dont want to simply share the details that are undoubtedly accessible all over these sites given you have the patience to scroll through these blogs? Cindi, i am a beginner too, but im pretty sure you need to mod podge the fabric after it is completely dry(after its secured to wood) let it DRY and repeat another coat. a spray polish finish will keep this intact for a long time and make it easier to clean. i hope that helps. sheesh. josie and nat- not sure, but is this your look what i can do but i dont want to help teach you site? weird.

  4. In a word.............PERFECT !! Well done Girls.

  5. Amazing project! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What an amazing project! I am going to follow you so I can see the outcome!!

    Where did you find the lovely fabric?

    Thank you!

    PS - found you through MPR ;)

    shonijunk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. Adorable, the knobs are out of this world.

  8. What a wonderful project! And the knobs are perfect!

  9. Oh I love love love the material and those knobs are the cutest!

  10. this is darling what child (or adult) lol, would not love have it...Cookie,Va.

  11. How the fabric and knobs.....awesome job.....

  12. Actually, I love it and am totally jealous! I wonder if if might be kind of fun to color it, too. Though I like the black and white... Hmm.

  13. how much FUN is that!!!!! L.O.V.E.

  14. Amazing! Where on earth did you find that fabric?! My daughter would just -die- if I could redo her dresser like this!



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