Friday, January 20, 2012

The Owl & the Elephant ❤'s Pinterest

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Where else would we find such inspiring images as these?

Things to do with the kids like these:

Light hearted laughter:

Clever ideas like these :

FREE printables:

and all round crafty goodness like this:

What has been your favourite Pinterest find? Have you actually made anything yet? Mrs Elephant did! 

And NOW you can actually follow The Owl & the Elephant on Pinterest! We know...we are getting all geeky-fied on you now. Check us out.

Thought of the moment:


  1. Hi guys, I will have to make that rocket jet pack with my 2 kiddies. I'm sure they will love it! Great photos of inspiration here! p.s I have always admired your logo, been following you for a long time on facebook :) Tash

    1. naww thankyou! that is so lovely of you to say!!

  2. Your logo does look really vibrant! My favourite colour is aqua blue so I have always been jealous of other logos with this colour, however, I decided a purple ladybird looked better than a blue one, not sure why, but I liked it that way!! Have a great day.



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