Wednesday, January 18, 2012

who'd have thunk it?

Pin It Today was just the darndest day. One of those who would have thunk it days when random strange things happen. It all began with a distinct lack of caffeine.

Yesterday my coffee machine ran out of coffee - I KNOW!!! I can hear you gasp from here. To top it all off? I was stuck at home!!! I honestly wondered if the world was going to end. How was I to get through the day!!!!

Fast forward to today. Standing in the kitchen still hrumphing because I had been silly enough ( probably in my caffeine free cloud) to forget to send hubby for coffee on his way home! When little Miss 4 walks into the kitchen, bag of coffee beans in hand "here you go mum"and walks off.

What the?

On further questioning all I could get was a "they where just here"out of her and an "It wasnt me" from Mr owl. Random or what? whoever you are mystery coffee bean provider - I love you in ways I cannot explain!!

Having enjoyed not one but two delicious freshly ground coffees ( I know I know but i had to make up for yesterday!!) I loaded all 4 children into the car to take them to my brilliant sister in law for their haircuts ( Dani at Tryst for all those playing at home in Perth in need of an awesomely awesome hair stylist!!) When Master 2 who has been slightly backwards in coming forwards when it comes to the spoken word pipes up from the backseat "Scuse me my mum, my have my haircut today to"  I almost crashed the car!!! WHere did that come from?? I KNEW he had it in him!!! little sneaky talker!! and at such a random moment!!

Then to top off my day of weird random events comes my final little quirky story. I have been an avid "pinner" for a while now over at Pinterest ( thankyou for introducing me Mrs Elephant!!) and have to date "pinned" 398 pins on 16 boards. Every so often I get a little email notification - "joe blog has repinned your pin" or "mary whosit has liked your pin" - It excites me a little. I feel a moment of fame - someone liked my pin!!!! yes, I admit - someone ELSE pinned it first but still. THIS IS MY MOMENT!!! it doesnt happen all that often so you can imagine my surprise this afternoon when I logged into my email and had FIVE PAGES of notifications - 162 people ( and counting)  have repinned my pin!!! what the??? What on earth could I possibly have pinned that 162 other people would pin as well?

wanna see?

Yep!!! random or what?? I have pinned so many cool tutprials, crafty things, awesome pictures, inspirational quotes, laughs - you name it! and what do 162 other people choose to pin? How to grow an avocado tree!!

who'd have thunk it?

Thought of the moment: ( a just for fun! )

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  1. Yeah.,....I dont go anywhere near the Pinning....! I almost got lost on there for abut 5 hours.... Its addictive...!

    Love the grow an avocado tree pic... so funny that its so popular!



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