Friday, January 13, 2012

What does an Elephant make an owl for christmas?

Pin It Ok so fairs fair, you got to see what I made Mrs Elephant for Christmas so now it is time to show off what Mrs Elephant made me!!!

Not one......

But TWO gorgeous handcrafted beautifully beautiful owls!

Henry here is created with a repurposed jacket. Check out his wee little eyes and that gorgeous "jacket" pleat on his back:

And Marcel - well he is just too cute for words!!

I just love them!! Isn't she clever?

On a sidenote - don't you just love the little chair? Did you see the one in the newest little unborn elephant's room? The littlest Owl loves to sit on my one at snack time:

Love them just as much as we do? Register your interest below in the comments section or send us an email at - we think it is time to share the love and get some in stock for all our lovely followers!!!

Thought of the moment:

Winning moments:

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